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Ancient village with Roman origins, clinging on the dark rock walls overhanging the sea and framed by green terraces that surround the colorful "tower-houses", typical Ligurian buildings that stand in the middle of a twist made of "carrugi" (typical Ligurian alleys) and slate staircases.

The village, overlooking its own port and naturally protected by two rock spurs, is a stage of one of the world's most beautiful paths: "il Sentiero Azzurro" (the Blue Path), that in the section between Manarola and Riomaggiore is universally known as "Via Dell' Amore" (The Love Road). Manarola is an ideal destination for trekking enthusiasts. From here you can reach the "Alta Via delle Cinque Terre", the "path number 1" that travels along the Cinque Terre top coastline from where, through several branchs, you can reach the coast and the sea.
manarola olimpo affittacamere
manarola olimpo affittacamere
manarola olimpo affittacamere
To see and visit in Manarola:
  • The parish church of San Lorenzo.
    Built in Ligurian gothic style in 1338 and made of local sandstone. Curiosity: on the facade left side, at the base of the baptismal well, there is an ancient marble measure, with the Republic of Genoa crest, used to check the grain capacity.

  • The bell woer, built on the ruins of an ancient lookout post used to prevent pirates' raids from the sea.

  • The "Disciplinati" oratory, also known as the "Santissima Annunziata" oratory or as the "Azzurri" oratory, built in the fifteenth-century

  • The cemetery, built on the top of "Punta Bonfiglio" where through a junction you can find a spectacular path which joins the "Marina" to the seaport of "Palaedo"

  • Via Belvedere that ends in a real terrace over the sea in the square dedicated to the memory of poet Eugenio Montale.

  • The glowing Nativity Scene.
    The biggest in the world, handmade and visible during Christmas time. During Easter time a spectacular glowing "Via Crucis" is light up instead.